Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The teaching time and the teacher's time

Addressing the writings of the students takes more time than not doing it: time that is subtracted from working other concepts of the subject, time that is added to the workload of teachers (writing guides, answer models, a correction criteria, and lists of exam questions, as well as time to thoroughly read the works of the students, and make accurate observations in order to improve them). However, ultimately, a part of the teaching job is reduced, since putting together this materials is done during one school year, but can be used in many others, reducing future class preparation time, and giving the teachers systematized teaching tools. It is also true that fewer curriculum contents are discussed, although (paradoxically?) students learn more as a whole, because writing and reading suddenly appear in the curriculum, and because this impacts and improves the learning of the former.
Regardless, teaching reading and writing help the students, but demands a workload that does not exist if this task is overlooked, and takes time from teaching other topics. These are two problems that make us review the hours of students and teachers, the number of students per class, and the objectives of their education. These are two problems -of a political, administrative, educational and academic nature- that relate to the definition of what type of university we want, what type of students we want to educate, and if we are really willing to take charge of their education. 


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