Monday, August 31, 2015

How are these tutoring sessions perceived by the students?

Students manifest that meeting a teacher-advisor, before delivering the final work is an unusual, but very educational instance. It is a type of evaluation that they appreciate, since in itself it constitutes a fertile opportunity for learning.
The main obstacle to extend this practice is the massive amount of students that attend the classes, as well as the workload and time of professors.
As a teacher, I consider the difference between this proposal and the habit of writing a paper to be evaluated (in a group or individually) without guidance in the process, to be a substantial difference. In my experience, the initial work that students deliver often have multiple textual problems, and I find it impossible to decide weather to pass them without having this in mind, or to fail them Therefore, I only request this kind of writing, which is longer than typical exam answers, when I know that I can take charge of teaching the contents that I expect to see in the students' final work.

List of questions, evaluation criteria and exam simulation
The written answers to exam questions are the most widespread practice for evaluating a college student, but it presents plenty of difficulties To prepare yourself for the evaluation requires more than just studying. As a teacher, I have thought of different ways to help my students be better prepared for the exam, and I have included different exercises in the class that aim to do this.