Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Taking charge of reading and writing in every subject

There is still another reason that justifies the inclusion of reading and writing as inseparable from teaching the particular concepts of a subject. Since there is no appropriation of ideas that doesn't imply some form of rewording, and since the latter depends largely on the analysis and writing of academic texts, reading and writing can be considered distinctive learning instruments. And since it is not possible to take the procedures for understanding and producing text for granted, it is necessary for the teacher to guide and provide support to the students. Taking charge of teaching reading and writing in college is a way of teaching learning strategies. To take charge of teaching to read and write in college is to help students learn.
In short, we must consider the teaching of reading and writing in every subject for two reasons. First, learning the contents of each field consists of two tasks: to appropriate its conceptual and methodological system, as well as its discursive practices, since “a discipline is a discursive and rhetorical space, as well as conceptual”. Furthermore, in order to incorporate any type of knowledge, students have to recreate it again and again; reading and writing become essential tools in this task of assimilation and transformation of knowledge. Therefore, students need to learn to read and write. Isn't it the work of teachers to help them achieve that? 


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